Before place order

1. Please ensure that the clothes is fit your size.

2. We didn’t accept wrong measurement as refund/return’s excuse.

During Order

1. Please mention clothe Code > Color > Quantity.

2. If customer does not provide the clothes’ color, we will random
    choose the color for the customer.

3. We didn’t accept wrong color as refund/return’s excuse.

During Payment

1. We only provide Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank and RHB Bank as
    our main banker.

2. Please use same bank to transfer payment.

3. If you need to use 3rd party bank to make payment,
    please provide your account holder’s I/C number, transfer amount
    and date after payment made.

After payment made

1. Please left down a message to MSN –

2. Or, please fill up the Express Order/Delivery Form in the blog.

3. We will provide the order/tracking no. to you within the same
    working day.

While waiting for delivery

1. You can track your delivery status by using order/tracking no.
    via Skynet/Pos Laju/Pos Express website.

Transaction done


1. 请确认衣服是否合身,所有款式都注明了衣服的尺寸

2. 我们不接受衣服不合身为退款/换款式的理由


1. 请注明衣服的代号>颜色>数量

2. 例子,150 > Black > 1pcs

3. 如果MM没有注明颜色,店主将放同款衣服的任何一个颜色

4. 我们不接受颜色不对为退款/换款式的理由


1.    请注意我们只提供3家银行的户口,分别是Public Bank,
       Hong Leong Bank, RHB Bank

2.    请MM用同一家银行转账

3.    如果非要用其他的银行转账,请在汇款后提供你的
       银行资料, 包括银行户口只有人的全名, 数额,汇款日期等


1.    汇款后请在MSN – 留言以及

2.    或则在汇款后,填写Blog里面的Express Order/Delivery Form

3.    店主将在同一个工作日提供订单的Order/Tracking No


1.    MM可以用Order/Tracking No分别到Skynet/Pos Laju/Pos
       Express 的网站查询Delivery Status